ARC Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Coyote 2 and the ARC in general. The boat was very well prepared and ideal for the trip. Matt was a great skipper and I learnt a lot from him , his temperament was ideal for the role. I would not hesitate to recommend you and the boat to others interested in the adventure.

Peter Sandover, ARC 2011

“Ken, I so enjoyed sailing with you and” those boys” and thank you for keeping us safe and for the opportunity to experience such an an exciting sail on a fantastic boat. I am finding it very difficult to come down to earth after such a brilliant journey. So glad I answered your the magazine!!! One of my better decisions.It was all just great and thank you for that.
I wish you well with your next charters and to both of you a very happy Christmas in the sunshine and warm waters. It is absolutely freezing here and I am surviving on brilliant memories and photographs!!!”
– Jo Johnson, ARC 2009

“I thoroughly enjoyed the superb experience of the race and the challenge of the Atlantic. We were very lucky with the cross section of people on board who were good fun and a pleasure to be cooped up with!
Hoping you have a good racing season with some good results.”
– Barry Baillie, ARC 2009

“Just wanted to reiterate my thanks for such a fantastic few weeks. Even without the winds that we would have liked, it was the most brilliant trip, and I think that most of the credit for that should be attributed to you. Your relaxed nature, as much as your competency made for a very happy boat. To keep 7 people that happy on a small boat for 19 days was no mean feat. Also congratulations on steering us in 3rd – a seriously good achievement considering we blew the spinnaker so early.”
– Francis Marx, ARC 2008

“I have to say the feelings as we approached the finish line was truly unbelievable. Absolute euphoria; and the joy on peoples faces was something that you would pay good money to witness. I am sure that such joyous occasions happen only rarely in peoples lifetimes and is something truly special. If any of you are in doubt – do yourselves a favour and do the ARC!

Special thanks to our Super Skipper Ken. The journey was made so much better thanks to his incredible ability to handle every situation that arose, no matter how big or small. Ken, we wish you and KA yacht charters every success in the future – you deserve it you are a top guy! It was everything we hoped it would be and so much more. It was an unforgettable experience”
– John and Anne O’Connor, ARC 2007

“Thanks for the opportunity and experience Ken, I will never forget it and definitely don’t rule out doing the ARC again in the future”
– Patti Tyson, ARC 2007

“Wishing you both and KA Yacht Charters all the best for the future, many thanks for a life time experience on the ARC”
– Harry Hutchinson, ARC 2007

“One of the first things I did on my return to London after the ARC was to book myself a ticket back to the Caribbean for BVI regatta week on board trusty Coyote with Ken and Kay! The ARC crossing gave an enormous sense of achievement and seems to have also sparked a bug. Aside the sailing, weather, whales and miles to cover, setting off across the Atlantic with six perfect strangers and a mix of experience set the event up as a bit of gamble. However, from the outset in Gran Canaria Ken and Kay set the tone and think we all got the hang of it pretty well… working together, making friends and space for each other.
There was always so much to laugh about and we really had quite a lot of fun! So many great memories and am constantly replaying the highlights. Thank you Ken. Don’t think it would have been possible to have more confidence in a skipper.”
– Roz Houchin, ARC 2006

“Ken Greetings from Turkey – Firstly I like to thank you for this cruise of Atlantic Ocean, because you are a very good captain and a very good administrator. You manage everything so good that I don’t have trouble with any body for 17 days and I did not get bored and I had a good time. I like to thank you for your and others help for the moments when my English is not enough. We become a good communicating group. Other friends are also very intelligent. So I was very lucky. I like to state that I am going to advice especially you who like to attend ARC from Turkey”
– Senol Acar, ARC 2006

“Thank you to Elandra of Hamble a perfect lady who behaved herself impeccably. Apart from the damage to the spinnaker, the only “gear failures” were a bucket lost overboard and a plate sacrificed in the pot and plate incident.
Also to Ken Acott of KA Yacht Charter, our skipper who also behaved pretty well. The skipper on such a project is a pretty lonely job but Ken displayed superb professionalism and skill in handling not only his boat, and his crew, but also his computer and sat phone!”
– Alec Le Blanc, ARC 2004

“Warmest wishes from frozen Cumbria. Thank you for helping me realise one of my ambitions, it was a fantastic experience. All the best for 2005.”
– Keith Straughton, ARC 2004

“Various moments of our ARC 2003 trip – especially those in the wee hours of our night watches – keep popping into my head while I’m driving, in a meeting, or trying to read something related to my work. I’m a changed person, because I’ve crossed an ocean and met a few good sailing buddies. That was made possible Ken Acott and ‘Elandra’.
‘Elandra’ is a fine, fast, seaworthy boat. Ken is an admirable skipper with the skills to sail on the edge, but with the common sense to practise good seamanship. He reminded us, ‘If you want to finish first, first you have to finish’
I had the good fortune to meet Hal Roth last weekend. Hal is a well known sailor, circumnavigator and author. He mentioned that 99% of sailors have never crossed an ocean. That makes the service offered by KA Yacht Charter very special indeed, and I feel very grateful to have been part of the crew.”
– Garet Wohl, ARC 2003

“For the unique experience of an Atlantic crossing under sail, I can’t imagine a better way than joining KA Yacht Charter. Ken’s calm manner and extensive experience, together with one of the fastest yachts in the 40 foot range, make an unbeatable combination.”
– Sally Taylor, ARC 2003

“The ARC may seem like an easy blue water flotilla, but it isn’t like that at all. You soon realise that you are on your own out there and you really do need a sound boat, a good skipper and a strong crew. Ken provides all three.
There are many sound boats in the ARC but on arrival in St Lucia a typical complaint is they are too slow and heavy, even some of the ones that look fast. By contrast the Beneteau First 40.7 performs brilliantly and is a real treat to sail. Surfing down the waves, we had her up to 15 knots with the helmsperson wearing a huge grin. The boat also made rapid and comfortable progress when occasionally beating to windward in the ocean, which was impressive bearing in mind her modern shape.
Ken is the ultimate professional skipper. He leads from the front but with no hint of the tyranny that besets some ocean skippers. In moments of crisis ~ yes they do happen, even on the ARC ~ he takes a moment to assess the situation and then makes the right decision. He also allows everyone to do their own bit of leadership ~ if you are on watch, you are running the show.
Some ARC skippers will take novice crew or even passengers, simply to fill the bunks. Not Ken! He knows that he must have a crew of a certain experience level who will get along together, and as a result I had a brilliant bunch of pleasant and competent sailing companions. I haven’t laughed so much for years and have made lifelong friends.”
– Bob Harris, ARC 2003

“I did ARC 2001 with Ken — after retiring at 50 — this was the icing on my first season of serious sailing before buying my own boat — a great decision! — I learned loads from a brilliant skipper (about running a boat as well as the technical stuff). Elandra performed impressively during our crossing to St.Lucia. Ken’s approach as skipper to have a good average speed and safe crossing and avoid breakage’s (yet we got a brilliant result – just see the yachting magazines!) was the perfect approach — our major breakage was a can opener!”
– Ian Barkworth, ARC 2001

“My name is Robert and I’m a 25 years old Swede that joined Ken and Elandra in the ARC-01 across the Atlantic from Las Palmas to St Lucia. One of the best trips in my life! And that mostly because of Elandra, and the atmosphere we had onboard. Ken is a very good skipper he knows sailing very well and he is also very good to deal with the human interactions onboard. We had no major conflicts during our seventeen days! He is the strong leader when you need that and otherwise he is very flexible and let the crew do it their way so to say. Apart from that he is also a very nice and funny person to be with we had loads of fun party nights and common dinners, and together we had a brutally nice time.
I can and will recommend KA yacht charter to my friends. I knew nothing when I jumped on Elandra but I was really lucky after have seen and talked to other people doing the same on other boats. Thanks Elandra and Ken”
– Robert the fisher, Swede and sailor, ARC 2001

“The ARC 2001 was a fabulous experience. From first contact KA Yacht Charter was friendly and efficient and offered great value for money. ‘Elandra’ is immaculately maintained and a wonderful boat to sail and Ken was a superb skipper, very professional, experienced and great company. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”
– Alison Kenny, ARC 2001